Places to Visit in Europe Lisbon Portugal

Places to Visit in Europe Lisbon Portugal

Places to visit in Europe Lisbon Portugal. This is an amazing city to visit and spend some time, here are some places where you can visit. The 28 tram is an excellent tram ride, if you are a visitor. The beer is cheap here. Cheapest of all the cities I have traveled. Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt etc.

Lisbon Portugal, is one of my personal favorites. Blend of the modern and the traditional, with very reasonable prices for most of the stuff, when comparing to most other European cities. Beer is cheaper than water.

The information posted here is based on my personal travel experience. Some of the information collected before traveling were reasonably accurate, however this is my perspective. I am sure you would have a different experience.

Lisbon Portela Airport is a busy airport in summer, it is connected by subway, buses and taxis and the city is easily accessible.

The air port has two runways and is situated at an elevation of 114 Meters. The sequence of information is based on what I think is most useful to me the traveler.

The left luggage baggage storage is an easy way to travel light. Leave your luggage at the airport, it costs about 2,90€ for a box of up to 10 Kg, 4,30€ for a weight of up to 30 Kg and €8,50 for more than 30 Kg, you will pay for a day upfront, the rest you pay when you pick up your luggage. Make sure you do not loose the recipt that is provided.

Getting to City Center or Downtown Portugal

The city center is about 9 kms away from the airport or about 6 miles. You can get to the city center by using one of the following modes of transportation.

Metro – This is the cheapest 1.45 € one way. You can buy the tickets at the vending machines placed in most metro stations, both coins and paper currency is accepted apart from credit cards.

Aerobus – There are two buses from the airport Aerobus 1 and Aerobus 2 they take circular routes, the ticked costs 4.00 € , this ticket is valid for 24 hours. This can be used like a hop on hop off and travel to a lot of common destinations.

Taxi – Make sure you agree upon a rate to your destination, even though they have a metering system, they can charge you over and above, visitors should confirm rates before you start your journey.

Buses – Buses are also available and you can travel with a metro pass. You may buy a day or weekly pass, this is the best way to get around.
I have only taken the metro, aerobus, tram and taxi for my local transportation.

Lisbon Portugal Places Visit , Places to visit in Europe Lisbon Portugal, my favorite.


Places to visit in Europe Lisbon Portugal


Bordeaux France

Bordeaux France

Bordeaux, France

It is a destination you may want to visit if you are travelling to south of France. You may be able to visit all the vineyards and enjoy some of their great wines. May be next time I will spend the week here.

Paris, Ride on “La Siene”

One way to visit all the important tourist spots is to take a ride on the “Hop on Hop off” boat and bus ride. You can take a one day or two day pass and visit 9 important tourist spots. I started the ride from the Eiffel tower. The following is a view of the boat that takes your around.
Love this country, still enjoyed my second trip to this country and I am sure I will try to revisit again.