Dragon Pearl Buffet Toronto

Dragon Pearl Buffet Toronto, 865 York Mills Road, Toronto

The Dragon Pearl is located at 865 York Mills road Toronto. If you crave for some Chinese food then you are in for luck at the Dragon Pearl. The Dragon Pearl is a double whammy, because you not only get Chinese food here, they also serve Japanese food. I’m not an expert on the cuisine  but I love Chinese and Japanese Food. The Buffet is excellent with wonderful choices and a variety of items. They have take out, buffet and group events. This is definitely a place to check out. I would easily recommend this place to my friends. If you are looking for deals, the tuesday special rates are a great idea.

Dragon Pearl Restaurant 865 York Mills Road

Jerusalem Restaurant Toronto

Jerusalem Restaurant 4777 Leslie street, Toronto

If you like the taste of middle east, then Jerusalem Restaurant is the one for you. What I love about Toronto is the diversity in the cuisine  you will find in this city. This restaurant is on 4777 Leslie street. They have lunch and dinner buffets, As usual the week days and nights are more reasonably priced. They have an assortment of non-vegetarian, seafood and vegetarian food served in the buffet. The desserts are an exciting taste to the palate. The restaurant has a liquor license. If you wish to taste the exotic, then this is a good choice. In the evening buffet when I visited the restaurant there was a belly dance. A little taste of middle east to the eyes. However I would have liked to know the names of the food I eat. For some reason the names are missing, some of them are there, most of them written in dry erase ink. If it is the food you are looking for then this is an exciting place to be.

Jerusalem Restaurant