Bixi Bikes


Bixi – Torontos public bike system
If you want to see the city on the bike this is an excellent means of transport. The bikes are available 24 hours a day, Rent it only for the period you need; drop it off at the nearest location no worries. If you are planning to travel by VIA rail, they give discounts to bixi riders. Rain or shine or snow bikes are available for all the seasons. Mind you these bikes are only available for the cities.
Other cities that offer bixi bikes are Montreal, Ottawa and London in Ontario.

This is one of the most economical modes of urban transport. A one year membership is only 95C$’s.

What to do and how to get your bike – The following information is obtained from the bixi website

  • Go to the pay station, choose the icon representing a bike, then read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Pay by inserting your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or AMEX). A $250 deposit is placed on your credit card for 10 days. Your credit card serves to identify you as a user; a maximum of two (2) 24 or 72-hour accesses per credit card is permitted at one time.
  • Print or view your unlocking code on the screen. It is valid for 5 minutes. If you take longer than this period of time, repeat the process
  • Enter your unlocking code on the keypad of the bike dock of your choice.
  • When you see the green light turn on*, pull the handlebars firmly toward you to release the bike.
  • Your 30 included minutes start now!
  • Return the bike to any BIXI station. Push the front wheel firmly into any empty bike dock.
  • Make sure the green light turns on* after having locked in the bike. You must wait 2 minutes before taking out another bike.
  • To obtain a new unlocking code during the 24 or 72-hour period, start over again by inserting your credit card again: the system will recognize it and no additional fees will be charged to your card if you make trips under 30 minutes.


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