Backwaters of Kerala

One of my favorite getaways is a small state in south India called Kerala, It is in the tropics and has amazing rain forests, beautiful beaches, palm trees and beautiful backwaters. I did compile some video clips from one of my visits to this beautiful country when I spend one day on the backwaters on a “House Boat” A house boat is locally made from natural materials and is really amazing, you got to see it to believe it.

Kovalam – “the beach”

There are many light houses in the costal areas of south india, most of these constructions are remenants of the british in India. These vanguards have navigated many ships saftely. Some of these areas have been developed into beaches now to attract the western travellers. Kovalam is one such beach, it is an amazing beach and was frequented by the tourists in large numbers during the 70’s and 80’s. The KTDC the state tourism development corporation did put some starred hotels to attract the visitors and keep them comfortable, now the trend in the tourists are changing, the wealthy of the country are traveling to this southern beach state. Air travel has become common and affordable and the economic boom has created quite a number of nouveau rich who are willing to take a vacation. Formerly it used to be traditionally rich and the expat polulation to did the travelling. The political, economical and cultural environment has changed positively which is ushering in an era of travel locally, south India is becoming quite a hub. Another interesting area travellers seek is the backwaters of Kerala. The calm and serene inland water ways are quite an attraction with millions of rupees being invested by large companies and corporations “House boats” have become the “in thing” for any traveller visiting the state. These large boats come in many sizes and prices. You can rent it for a day or a week, well equipped with all the modern amenities and excellent local cousine, where you can have a family get togeather or a corporate meeting.

Travelling by road is an experience in itself, especially if you are driving, you will take with you many memorable experience. As of 2011 what I see I have to do when I decide to drive is change my philosopy in driving, shift from defensive driving which I have practiced all along to aggressive driving, if not you may not get places. The number of vehicles are growing exponentially with time, however the infrastructure is not growing at the same rate. The political climate is still not mature enough in letting go of the petty issues which one can use to win an election, quite often the casuality is the infrastructure. In spite of being the most literate state in the country it is yet to evolve in its response to common issues as a developed nation would. I still enjoy the hustle and the bustle while taking a leasurly trip thorugh the state which has a variety of attractions to offer in this dying rain forest state. In conclusion I would say this one piece of excitement that you would not want to miss for the world. Loved it.