Homestay is gaining prevalance in the south Indian state of Kerala, this evergreen state is can be compared to the carribean of the east, the beaches are lined with coconut palms and the main land consists of a number of rice plantations, rubber plantations, spices, lakes, hillstations and of course plane lands. This is an amazing place to be, if one has to get a sense of the wonderful fauna and flora and enjoy the tropics and its exotic cousine it is a good idea to find a homestay, where a family will take care of your needs in terms of food, accomodation and immideate transportation. Some of these homestays are reasonably priced and you may want to contact them for their rates, like in any business make sure you are dealing with genuine homestays. Call them directly if the websites provide a contact phone number. The price of these homesatys depends on the customers, it would be quite helpful if you know some one who have used these accomodations. I had a friend who called to talk to one of these homestays and could actually get a decent rate for two weeks stay. Some of these home stays do not include food, but however they provide fully furnished apartments with kitchen and utensils, such accomodations are mostly in the cities where there are a number of new highrise buildings. You could be your own chef here. Post a comment if you would like some one to talk on your behalf, this is just a courtsey offer for other travellers.

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As in any matter in life make sure you research properly before making your final decisions, make informed choices. Try to read between the lines on these websites and ask relevant question before you sign up. The sites suggested are in no way connected to this website.