Canada to Europe to Sub-Continent

Multi Continent – Multi city travel 2012

This summer I have planned a multi-city, multi-continent travel, these are some aspects that I came across, in the planning process. I am sure I will get a better perspective once I have executed my plan.

International Sector – Tips
While booking my journey with a travel agent from North America through Europe to the sub-continent, this is one least expected outcome. Normally when you travel from North America to any destination you are permitted 2 bags – 2 pieces of luggage and a carry on.
Since I was breaking my journey in Paris, France, this is how I planned my flight. Toronto Pearson to Paris, CDG airport by Air Canada, From Paris to the subcontinent using a different airline. So this is what Air Canada does, it gives me just 1 piece of baggage for checking in however, the rest of my journey and return I have two pieces of baggage that I can check in. This is ridiculous, so now I have to pay extra for an additional piece of baggage while I am traveling from Toronto to Paris, but I don’t have to pay for the return flight that is Paris to Toronto. Which means Air Canada is not interested in my business; while I am trying to show how Canadian I am and try to help the national airline this is what they choose to do. One reason why I will not fly Air Canada the next time. So make sure, that your travel agent is clear about such aspects and not be caught off guard at the airport. Before buying the ticket you will have a better chance of negotiating a better price for such anomalies, so make sure.

Traveling within France ( or Europe) – To south of France.
Once you arrive at CDG Charles De Gaulle airport, and if you plan to see the city and travel to other cities, it is good to get an accommodation in and around Montparnasse. The railway station (Gare as it is called in France) is a good starting point for most of the cities.

From the Airport you can get shuttle buses that bring you to the different railway stations, it is also possible to get airport to city rides by using “Paris-City-Line” You can make a booking on-line and they will pick you up from the airport. Rates are not too cheap. From CDG to Gare Montparnasse it costs about Euro 80/- and it takes about 45 minutes, time depends on the trafic.
If you plan to travel in Europe and visit more than one city it would be a good idea to buy a “Rail Europe” pass
“Rail Europe” Website
What are your options
1. Buy a rail pass
2. Buy a round trip ticket
3. Buy one way tickets to and from destinations.

Comparing the prices I find that the best option is to buy a rail pass as the rates are good for it. Round trips may be slightly cheap, this is good if you are not travelling to any more than destinations.

Once you buy a “Rail Europe” pass it does not guarantee a seat on a train. Some trains need a seat reservation. You will have to make a reservation on the train you have chosen, if there are no seats on the train you may be disappointed when you arrive at the railway station.
Here is the link for reservation of your tickets if you have a “Rail Europe” pass.

If you have an iPhone or iOs device you can install the Rail Europe app and you can have a lot of information in you hands here is the link to the app on iTunes

This is a free application.

Apparently it works very well in the US and European currency, not so much in the Canadian currency, hopefully it would have been updated and fixed. You will have to enable location services on your device. In spite of this you can still access a lot of other information necessary for your travel. I would recommend it.

Once you have planned your multi-city trip buy the ticket and just wait for that wonderful experience.

Will post some videos of my trip once I am back, and some of the actual experiences and differences since my last travel in 2006.